Sustainable Tools for Environmental Performance Strategy


Government Departments and Authorities

Sustainability Victoria (SV)
SV is responsible for the promotion of energy efficiency and renewable energy, providing advice and information to consumers, business and government on practical energy efficient and renewable energy applications, including the Energy Smart Business Program.

The Resource Smart web site has ideas for households, educators, businesses and government on how to reduce the environmental impact of buildings.

Yarra Valley Water
Local water authority web site with water conservation ideas and products.

Victorian Environment Protection
The EPA is the Victorian Government Authority responsible for regulating and promoting environmental management, the control of pollution on land, in water and air, industrial noise and waste minimisation.

Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and
The Australian Government Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities develops and implements national policy, programs and legislation to protect and conserve Australia's environment and heritage.

Department of Climate Change and Energy
The Australian Government Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency is responsible for policy advice, implementation and program delivery around climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Department of Sustainability and
DSE Victoria is responsible for the integrated management of Victoria’s natural resource base, including a link to their Sustainability in the Built Environment project and the associated Integrating Design into Environmental Assessment Software (IDEAS) assessment tool.

The Building Commission is a statutory authority that oversees the building control system in Victoria

Bureau of Meteorology
Provides information on climate zones, averages and maps

City of Yarra Sustainable Design Guidelines
The guidelines are a series of dwellings, apartments, townhouses, commerical buildings and warehouse conversions to assist in designing buildings more sustainably


Moreland Energy
Locally based, community oriented organisation devoted to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. They have a Home Energy Referral Network listing suppliers of materials, products, consultants for domestic sustainable energy - They also have a Five Star Home Renovator's Service -

Appliance Energy Rating
Includes lists of appliances, their star ratings and energy consumption data


Save Water
Features information on indoor and outdoor products that save mains/potable water use.

Our Water

This site assists in finding an environmentally aware plumber and also provides information on environmentally friendly products, water management and solar hot water.

Water Efficiency Labelling
Provides information regarding national water conservation rating and labeling scheme and provides lists of appliances and their water ratings.


Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD)
Provides information on Water Sensitive Urban Design, including stormwater treatment strategies. The WSUD Engineering Procedures Guidelines provide design and maintenance procedures, typical drawings, design checklists, landscape requirements, worked examples and case studies.

Facility for Advancement of Water Biofiltration (FAWB)
A website that aims to provide new technologies for better, safer solutions in managing urban water.

Clearwater builds the skills of water practitioners through delivery of technical training, tours, events, advice and online information.

Water by Design
Water by Design is a capacity building program that supports the uptake of Water Sensitive Urban Design in South East Queensland. The website has useful design and construction guidelines for WSUD treatment measures.

Online sustainable materials database established by the Centre for Design RMIT.

Good Environmental Choice Australia
GECA certification is awarded to products that meet voluntary standards for environmental impact, social responsibility and fitness for purpose in a wide range of product categories.

Online green building information, articles, case studies and sustainable materials resource.

Waste/Construction & Demolition Management

Resource Smart Victoria – Best Practice Guide for Waste Management in Multi-unit Developments
Resource Smart Victoria has put together guidelines to assist staff, architects, residential developers and building management incorporate best practice in the design, establishment, operation and ongoing management of waste services.

Sustainability Victoria – Minimise Construction & Demolition Waste
This section of the SV web site includes useful information on how to reduce waste during the construction and demolition phases of building.


A government organisation aiming at reducing reliance on cars and making smart choices about other forms of transport.

Self-funded community organization that promotes ‘more people cycling more often’.

Other ESD Websites

Provides a guide to sustainability in construction and design. The Design for Lifestyle and the Future, Technical Manual, Institute of Sustainable Futures, Commonwealth of Australia, 2001, is available free online.

Alternative Technology
Environmental organization promoting sustainable technologies and practical projects.

Green Building Council of Australia –
The GBCA promotes the development of a sustainable property industry in Australia.

Centre for Design
Educational organisation, which promotes the development of ESD and management systems.

Building Display CentreSustainable Design Short Courses -
Find out how to be friendly to both the environment and your pocket before you undertake you building project. Includes topics such as passive design, solar power, solar hot water, double glazing and insulation. Bookings can be made online or by phoning 9419 7488

BDP Environment Design Guide
Sustainable Deign Guide aimed at design professionals. Available from the RAIA

A very different type of inner urban housing development